Stickboy is a character in the comic Stickboy and Friends. He is best known as the son of famous hero Stickman and, like his father, immigrated from Stick Land.


Jim "Stickboy" Stickler was born on the morning of March 21, 2003. On his first day at home, his father, Joseph "Stickman" Stickler, taught him to defeat his enemies by testing with stuffed bears. Later on, at the age of 3, his father went on an epic quest to defeat the evil mutant Bladedamus. His father did not return for over a year, and he got used to living by himself. In 2008 his father returned from a long quest, and Stickboy was 5 years old. After the experience Stickboy and his fathers went on tons of quests. One day, Stickman decided to retire and forced Stickboy to quit after a leg injury. Then in 2011, Stickboy had just turned 8, and he got a job at Comics Industries. He is currently 10 and goes to work every day.

She is the mother of Cladder and Stickboy she has died of natural causes.

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